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HR Consultancy

Maqlink International Management Consultants offers the following HR Consultancy Services:

Business Transformation & Change Management :

  • Help businesses to identify long term goals
  • Help to define milestones and change plans
  • Hand hold in transition management
  • Identify saving opportunities and track them

HR Strategy Intervention

  • Support for new organizations to design HR from scratch
  • Interim support for organizations to manage transition HR difficulties

Leadership Development

  • Train management on Leadership concepts
  • Help draw up development plan for high potential managers
  • Conduct Assessment / Development center to identify gaps/development needs

HR Policy and Process Design

  • Support for new organizations to design HR from scratch
  • Interim support for organizations to manage transition HR difficulties

Talent Management:

  • Compensation & Benefits Structure
  • Executive Remuneration
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Best in class and industry relevant Career and succession planning
  • Talent attraction and retention strategies
  • Manpower planning including Job Evaluation / Job grading

Compensation & Benefits

  • Design industry relevant compensation strategies
  • Design competitive and cost - neutral incentive schemes to enhance retention and productivity
  • Support to harmonize existing open ended Comp & Ben schemes to more predictable defined liability schemes

Employer Branding

  • Create best in class employer branding to enhance company's brand recognition so as to attract the best talent

HR Audit & Diagnostic Services:

  • Enables organizations to do a complete health check to find out the robustness in terms of cost, productivity and alignment to strategy
  • Recommend and Implement any corrective action needed in collaboration with the HR/ Business teams

Organization Development (Design / Re-structuring):

  • Design/Redesign the optimal organization aligned to company strategy
  • Design/Redesign Overhead Optimization Programs

Performance Management

  • Design robust performance management systems with KPIs appropriate for the life cycle stage of the organization ( Startup / Growth / Stabilization/ Project)
  • Link salary and incentives to performance system

Employee engagement and Industrial Relations (IR)

  • Introduce pre- employment and branding solutions
  • Models of enhanced employee engagement
  • Training and development program design

Grievance handling & HR support strategies

  • evaluate or ascertain steps to avoid grievance
  • Identify steps to handle grievances effectively
  • Procedures for handling grievance
  • Support strategies

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